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We all need help sometimes. Whether it’s because the things in our life continue to pile up and we struggle to keep up, or because of past experiences we have been through. We can start to feel like everything is too much and that we are all alone. 

Therapy can help you learn ways of coping, to heal from painful experiences, and to discover meaning and fulfillment in life. 


Therapy can help with...


Feeling overwhelmed, irritable, burned out?

We will work together to learn skills for managing stress and responding to the things that cause it.


Having nightmares or unwanted thoughts and images? Feeling like your emotions are not your own?

I have specialization in treating trauma to disrupt the patterns that keep us stuck.


Feeling tense, on edge, having trouble concentrating or making decisions? Trouble sleeping?

We will work to uncover root of anxious thoughts and feelings and solutions for coping with anxiety

Womens Issues

Struggling with post-partum depression? Loss? Relationships? Body Image? Self-esteem?

We will identify your needs and tailor therapy to create more meaning and fulfillment, enhance your inner strengths, and build confidence.

It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge when we are struggling and need support, and I feel very honored to begin this journey of change with you.



The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.  

                                   - Carl Rogers

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